Our Sisterhood

Sisterhood and Events

Every sister of Theta Phi Alpha will leave college a better woman because of her time here. Theta Phi Alpha promises to be her home away from home; to be her support system and her source of strength when she needs it; to bring her life-long memories and friends. Theta Phi Alpha is a place where she will always be loved and accepted for who she is; a place where she will never be alone; a place where she can share her deepest secrets; a place where she will grow. Our sisters continuously inspire one another to be the best version of themselves. We see potential in each other that we may not always see within ourselves.

Many women join sororities for the opportunity to make more friends, and our chapter is very proud of our strong sisterhood. Our sisterhood chair plans multiple sisterhood events throughout the year. Some of our bigger trips have included Disney and Universal. This past Spring, we also enjoyed the day together on a water catamaran in Miami! Our annual Thetagiving is a Thanksgiving potluck that we host at a sister's house before Thanksgiving break. Some of our deeper sisterhood events include a variety of bonding activities that peel back our many layers and connect each of us on new levels. No matter what we do, we love spending time together!

Big Sisters/Little Sisters

During the New Member period, our new members receive a Big Sister. She plays a vital role throughout their New Member process by acting as a mentor, and showing them the ropes of Theta Phi Alpha. The bonds between Big Sisters and their Little Sisters is like no other. They say, "The only thing better than getting my bid was getting my Big!"